Transformational technology mitigating environmental deterioration from waste plastic and end-of-life tires.

Refuse to Revenue™

We are a second-generation chemical recycling company demonstrating and licensing the world’s first truly continuous and self-cleaning process for conversion of non-recyclable plastics and end-of-life tires to petrochemical and lubricant intermediates within well-established commodity markets.

The End to Landfilling and Burning of Plastic and Scrap Tires

The problem of plastic pollution and scrap tire accumulation persists and continues to grow despite existing efforts to recycle, modify plastic use, and the introduction of the relatively new chemical recycling industry. The principal source of this pollution is plastic and scrap tire disposal via open dumping, from the personal to industrial and international scales.

Only recently, the magnitude of risk to human health and the environment posed by pollutants including but not limited to microplastics, polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), bisphenol-A, and 6-PPD has been recognized and publicized. Stark images of plastic washed up on coastlines and in the middle of the oceans illustrate around 0.5% * of the world’s plastic waste that continues to enter our oceans.

* Our World in Data (Ritchie, Hanna 2023) and Global Plastics Outlook: Economic Drivers, Environmental Impacts and Policy Options, OECD (2022)

The PolyKinetix™ Solution

PolyKinetix™ technology is scalable to a wide scope of needs in the global arena reaching its profit potential.

  • Provides an alternative to mitigate pollution from solid waste before release to the environment

  • Manufacture products 
for existing markets

  • Mitigate toxic substances

  • Educate, transform, and improve our environment.

  • Waste Plastic & End-of-Life Tire Conversion: Simplicity = Sustainability

People, industry, and nations demanding change

  • A green alternative to burning and landfilling via advanced chemical recycling of post-consumer single-use plastics, post-industrial plastics and rubber, and end-of-life tires.

  • Modular and scalable solution maximizing throughput and minimizing capital cost

  • Collectively translates to a profitable and sustainable solution to the crisis we face.

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