We are pleased to announce the formation of PolyKinetix, Inc., a second-generation technology company focused on demonstration and licensing of a new and truly continuous method for decomposition of non-recyclable plastics and rubber, including but not limited to municipal and industrial waste plastics and end-of-life tires.

The PolyKinetix Solution

Vast concentrations of non-recyclable post-consumer and post-industrial waste plastics and
rubber can be used as a raw material stream in the manufacture of petrochemicals, lubricants, and fuel additives. The inventor of PolyKinetix Technology 2.0 was the inventor of a Generation One patented continuous process technology transferred to its new owner via an eight-figure liquidity event. Generation One technology is now operated at commercial scale.

The Company seeks to globally license its Generation Two technology to industrial and
governmental third parties needing to adopt sustainable, profitable, and non-disposal means to eliminate waste and minimize their respective carbon footprints. As opportunities are created and as cash flow dictates, the Company may elect to maintain equity interests in third-party commercial-scale processing facilities.

Generation Two improvements to the existing body of technology are scheduled to be described in applications to be submitted for patent examination soon after receipt of a Freedom to Operate / Right to Manufacture Opinion on or about October 15, 2023. These improvements include novel means for mixed nonrecyclable feedstock processing with capacity to vary feedstock composition over time at lower capital and operating costs with improved operating efficiency. Upon deployment, the Generation Two process can function as a stand-alone operation or in tandem with dissimilar operations, e.g., biomass gasification, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis or Virtual Landfill Terminals®.