Confirming its September 20, 2023 release, PolyKinetix, Inc., is pleased to announce that patent counsel has completed and forwarded its Freedom to Operate / Right to Manufacture Opinion supporting PolyKinetix second-generation technology. This important benchmark provides a foundation for the preparation of patent applications as guided by a rigorous internal Intellectual Property Policy.

The Company is also pleased to report that it has been invited to join the Polymer Industry Cluster. PolyKinetix has accepted that invitation and will complete the process on or about December 1, 2023. Under the guidance of the Polymer Industry Advisory Council, a coalition of over 40 companies, universities, and economic development organizations, the Polymer Industry Cluster is positioning itself to win catalytic investment from state and federal agencies, to drive industry growth and transform our economy.

The PolyKinetix Solution

PolyKinetix is a second-generation technology company focused on demonstrating and licensing the world’s first truly continuous and self-cleaning process for conversion of non-recyclable plastics and end-of-life tires to products within well-established commodity products. We offer an opportunity to create a profitable and sustainable enterprise to build wealth among our stakeholders, deploying transformational technology to mitigate the deterioration of the global environment, and contribute to the betterment of human health.

Now operated by third parties at the commercial scale, Generation One technology was the world’s first truly continuous process for conversion of waste plastics. With Generation Two improvements resulting in substantial elimination of operational downtime, the Company seeks to globally license its Generation Two technology to industrial and governmental organizations needing to adopt sustainable, profitable, and non-disposal means to eliminate waste and minimize carbon footprints. Generation Two technology offers an alternative to open dumping of non-recyclable wastes from littering on the personal scale to uncontrolled land disposal and ocean dumping in the international arena.